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Our Year 12 collection of GPS cycling computers is packed with new features and exciting innovations. However, we haven't forgotten about our Year 9 and 10 product lines and those who have supported our venture into GPS from the get go! If you own a GPS device from our previous generations of computers, please see below for important software update and mobile app information.
Lezyne GPS Firmware Update Tutorial
Lezyne GPS Firmware Update Tutorial
Year 10 and Newer GPS Devices (2017-2018 Model Years)
Y10 GPS Devices
Device Software
For Mega GPS Devices:

New Features:
  • FE-C Trainer Data: Record data from “smart” stationary bike trainers.
  • Manually set base elevation before starting a ride
    • If you are in an area where GPS signal is poor (surrounded by mountains or tall buildings) and you know your starting elevation, go to: Menu > Info > GPS > Set Elevation. Here you can set your starting elevation and it will remain correct for the duration of your ride. When starting a new ride, it will default back to "auto."

New Device Data Fields:
  • Max. Power
  • Total Work in Kilojoules
  • Optional data fields for navigation and/or map pages
  • Improved Ant+ and Bluetooth connection with external sensors
    • Note: When connecting to a sensor for the first time, GPS device must now be held within a few centimeters from sensor’s signal point.
  • Bluetooth connection improvements between GPS device and Ally v2 phone app for new and recently updated phones.
  • Improved step-by-step device setup for first time GPS device users.
  • Improved barometer data fusion with GPS data for more consistent elevation readings.
  • Improved auto-pause functionality when GPS signal is lost while riding through a tunnel.
  • Increased file size for map transfers from GPS Root to Mega GPS devices.
  • Improved map transfer interaction and clarification for offline maps in the phone app. New icons detail which maps are on the phone and/or on the device. Plus, app map will now outline which areas have already been downloaded.
  • Improved graphic design and layout formatting—including menu orientation when in landscape mode on the Mega XL.
  • Improved Strava Live Segments list of synched segments in the device menu. Includes segment name and KOM/PR times.

For Super/Micro/Macro/Mini/Micro C/Watches:

  • Minor bug fixes to the device, but major improvements to the Ally V2 app greatly improve overall functionality.

Click here for step-by-step directions for the new features.

• PLEASE NOTE: For optimal performance, please update your GPS Ally App before installing the latest firmware.
Lezyne GPS Ally 2017
Mobile Apps
GPS Ally V2 v4.241 (Android)
Google Play

GPS Ally V2 v4.239 (iPhone)
Apple App Store

Year 9 GPS Devices (2016 Model Year)
If you own any of the Year 9 devices below...
Mini GPS
Mini GPS
Power GPS
Power GPS
Super GPS
Super GPS
Please use the below device software and GPS Ally app.
What's new:

  • New device screen customizability
Power & Super:
  • Added speed data from wheel based power meters using Bluetooth
  • Stabilized speed and distance data jumps when paired with Bluetooth speed and/or cadence sensors
  • Improved battery runtime percentage reporting
  • Improved Ant+ sensor connection
  • Fixed Ant+ pairing to only pair with the same sensor after restarting the GPS
  • Improved Shimano D-Fly Di2 auto reconnect
  • Ant+ power meter battery reporting now percentage based
  • Refined power calculations with crank and wheel based Ant+ power meters

Mini/Power/Super GPS Update (OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion and later)
Mini GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16 Power GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16 Super GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16
Mini/Power/Super GPS Update (Windows)
Mini GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16 Power GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16 Super GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16
Lezyne GPS Ally 2017
Mobile Apps
GPS Ally (Android)
Google Play

GPS Ally (iPhone)
Apple App Store
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